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quiet day at the eggshed…

Red nose day has had a bit of an affect on the team here today, Penny and Torie rolled in, in their PJ’s and everyone else without consultation had picked a red theme for the day.  So the 10 o’clock break developed a bit of a party atmosphere as you can see, fortunately Wilf (our neighbour) was passing and came in to take a photo. This was followed up by a sweepstake for the Gold cup (won by Matt, who had actually fled the building just before the camera was out!)

The majority of our stockists have joined in this week ordering the OLD FARTS, Kat’s off to Stroud tomorrow with a bag full and we’re open here at the eggshed so we’ll have a tot up after the weekend and let you know what we’ve raised..  let us know if you’ve been doing something funny for money this weekend.

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