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streets paved with gold…

In the story, Dick Whittington goes to London, together with his cat, because he naively believes, that the streets are paved with gold, but decides to leave when he finds that they are not. However, as they are leaving they hear the chiming of Bow Bells, and the cat says “Turn again Whittington.” They turn back to London, and Whittington eventually becomes Lord Mayor.

We didn’t find streets of gold either (and funnily enough do not have any political ambitions, you’ll be glad to hear)  but made a heap of new friends at this years Country Living Spring Fair in Islington last week.  A really big thank you to everyone for making this an excellent event, the organisers for moving the food section into the main show area (not hiding us up in the gods as last year!) and most of all YOU the customers who just kept coming it was amazing how quickly the first day flew by, opening at 10am and closing at 9pm it’s a long time standing in one spot!

Our apologies to anyone we let down by selling out on Thursday and Sunday but we did actually sell on Wednesday alone the same number as we did in three days last year… lets hope this is a sign of things to come…  hurrah!

What do you think of the slimmed down stand design? It actually fits in a rucksack (excluding the chiller and the stock of course), although after 5 days graft it was simply awesome to find Lorna and James from Chase Distillery had room in their van to bring the stuff back and Neil didn’t have to schlep it all across London to get the train home.  Although they have given us an intriguing challenge – a Bloody Mary inspired scotch egg (thanks guys!) anyone out there able to help?

PS it’s well worth taking a few minutes to enjoy their website, slàinte mhath

( pronounced as ‘slaancha vaa’.)

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