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wedding feaver

Penny and Neil very, very nearly let themselves take some time out and were on the verge of heading down to London when Hollie discovered our local, the oft mentioned Green Dragon, were celebrating properly… Torie, Penny cadged a ride from Hols and were off as soon as they could to claim a spot near the screen where Simon & Alison had organised a breakfast menu from 9am ’till 11 and then lunchtime snacks, inspired and as ever perfectly served… it really is a fab pub.

The day got off to an exciting start as Neil was sorting out the shop he caught mention of some people from Cheltenham being interviewed by Chris Evans on the radio so listened more closely only to discover one was Penny’s niece Olivia, who’d set off from home with Dad and some friends at 3am to enjoy the fun, how cool is that?

What a treat… there is simply no where in the world that can do ceremony as well as we do, it makes you proud when it all comes together so beautifully, talking of which…  Catherine, spectacular and so calm no doubt helped by having her brother and sister so close by, it really did come over both as a family as well as prestigious patriotic event.

We wish the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge every happiness and success for the future

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