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Wonderwool, wonderful

Many thanks everyone, this was a bumper year, really sorry we sold out so early on Saturday, maybe someone could let me know if there is another chat about us on ‘ravelry’ so we can be more prepared!

Thank you Chrissie for putting together such a great little picnic group, Wil’s Smoke house organic seeds and Ralph’s cider for starters, our Scotch eggs for mains and pudding from Love patisserie….

It really does not feel like work when everyone is so enthusiastic, Tracey’s beautiful tarts, my favourite the treacle and lemon pictured above, went equally as fast (surprise, surprise!) as did Heathers delicious seeds, but thankfully Ralph was better organised and the cider was always on tap.

Pippa really enjoyed her first outing with us, working on everyone else’s stall as well as ours, so we’ve given her the job as the face of the company, a front of house role at events, markets and shows,  although being the new me is a bit of a challenge..  so she’s off to Stroud this weekend and Tewkesbury in a fortnight

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