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it’s not the distance but the up and downs…

A quote from a lovely American lady we met en route that became the catch phrase of our Tour of Mont Blanc.

Obvious really as an 800m climb up over 10K is a whole lot different to 800m over 4K a gentle  stroll and a killer climb so distance became irrelevant.

The first couple of days were gruelling but as time went along and we found our own pace the slog gradually became an adventure, never quite a holiday so to speak, and the rewards immense.

Seriously if you thought you’d never in a million years mange something like this think again if a fifty something unfit person like me can then you can… we met up with people in their teens to their 80′s all walking at their own pace, in fact at the very start when we were tying on our boots a group of 3 Dutch ladies, of a certain age, completed their tour in 13 days, although ‘we were a bit lazy’ they cheerfully explained!

I’ll put a bit more detail down soon and count up the sponsorship fund and let you know more soon.

mark, neil, andrew,phil,martin and iain

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