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coming home

We’re in and almost settled down. Opened doors on November 8th.

Egg’cetera is in town!  Sorry for being off line for so long however thanks to the joys of modern technology, a 3 mobile broadband stick and we are back.

We’ve had one of those nightmare squences of events with the telephone company XLN (be warned!) just because we decided to use a different supplier to the previous tennant they some what spitefully cut off the line, this after writting to tell us they were transfering it as we requested and we had printed a load of cards… so no phone just now!

There has been a wonderfully warm welcome from the locals and the anual Chritmas fayre brought people from all over and as the photo shows we’ve been busy christmassing the place up, so come on in and catch up with our plans and try something new, orders can be placed for collection up to Christmas eve, the wee beasties are going down a storm…

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