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that’s all folks…

The cupboard is just about bare, the cookers are all turned off, and we are well under way with the end of term deep clean around the whole building so Torie and the girls decided it was time for the inaugural egg awards presentation party (combined with a couple of birthday celebrations) so most of the gang gathered at the eggshed to discover the winners…

Neil presented the 2011 Star employee to Barbara, responsible for most of the kitchen prep, someone we’d never be able to replace (sorry Barbara but retirements not on the horizon yet!) and who’s been with us right from when we were working from home.

Torie presented the sexiest in chef whites award to Hollie (who in fact spends most of her day in the office so obviously we’ll need to send her into the kitchen more often)

Charlotte presented the smilyest employee award to Rosie, always giggling but very much on the ball a real team leader who enjoys her work

The Funniest Employee award went to Carol, who promises to learn new jokes for next year, (not that we are bored with the current ones of course) presented by Rosie

Torie gained the most memorable employee award, nominated for nearly all the categories Torie is Penny’s key to holding the schedules together  presented by Hollie ( yes the sexy one)

Luke proudly accepted the company Muppet award, one of the youngest on board and one of only 4 blokes in the team now stretching to 28! presented by Dy who has thankfully returned from a long absence through ill health but now back on top form.

and Carol presented the award for the person who most looks like a scotch egg to yours truly, nuff said.

then a lovely surprise the team very kindly gave Penny and Neil a round of applause and presents too…

all in all a good way to end the season, just hope the parcels all get through and everyone has a great Christmas and a fab new Year.



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