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meet the family

The paths that conversations  around the building follow are extremely varied from food to the goings on in the current TV soaps,  sport,  reality TV and everything else that make our modern world revolve.  From time to time  some amusing word association stories unfold such as what happened  following a chance meeting between the Colonel and Hetty… a brief encounter or a blossoming relationship…. you get the idea I’m sure.

Well Ellie a talented young artist, also a great scotch egg cook,  has (with just a little encouragement) taken things a bit further and created the characters above – the MAC’s.

Now we could just do this on our own, but it’s fun to involve everyone so we are asking for your votes for your favourites along with a description of their personalities (as you see them) helping  Ellie and the rest of the Scotcheggers develop the whole famil… who knows where this will lead… !?*!

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